What To Do With All Of Those Beach Sea Shells and Rocks

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

If you are like me and my loved ones, then you love to collect rocks and seashells and twigs or whatever lovely mementos you can find on your adventures to the seashore. Since we spend a lot of our family time visiting and playing near the ocean, we keep adding to this collection. BUT, what to do with all of these shells and rocks that we just HAD TO bring home with us? Well, here's a few ideas.

There is a stunning beach on the North Shore of the Island that has the most amazing shoreline. Good on the eyes, not so good on the feet. The whole shore is full of rocks of every color, shape and size. Whenever we visit, I allow us all to take home one special stone. It can take FOREVER to find it or sometimes it is found in seconds but there is no shortage of beautiful rocks to choose from. I took this amateur photo on that beach a few years ago using my Ocean Mist Tall Tumbler candle, an ocean blue platter and a choice of stones we found that day but left there for the beach to keep.

This candle scape was a collaboration between my best friend, Maureen, Danielle DeRosa Photography and myself. My friend created the Ocean Wave effect on my Cotton Soft Tall Tumbler using crystal beads glued on individually. We placed a tiny handful of sand and a special selection of seashells on a silver glass platter. The result was simply gorgeous and I still display this piece in my home.

I love to show how to re-purpose our tumblers and here is an easy way to re-use one of your Medium Tumblers. Fill it with your collection of seashells, pebbles, rocks or even fill it halfway with sand and then place your favorite seashells or rocks on top. Boundless ideas! Here it is paired with my Cotton Soft Scented Candle and my Sand Castles Scented Sparkle Stones. Just pour the stones around the tumblers and then fill the empty tumbler with your finds.

Or, you can simply let your kids paint them, color them, display them in their own special way and smile every time you look at them.

I would love to know what you've done with all of your beach finds. Fill me in below in the comments.