What I Have Learned Looking Back on 3 Years in Business

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

When I decided to start Sparklefly Candle Company three years ago, I never would have imagined all of the absolute awesomeness that would come out of my simple addiction to scents, celebrating and people.  I had been toying with the possibility for 11 YEARS!  There were definitely things that were holding me back from going after what I want, but that's a story for a different day.

3 Years ago I FINALLY decided to believe in myself and to believe that ...

If you have a dream that you are thinking of going after, I hope that there's a bit of inspiration in the following paragraphs that helps you DO IT NOW, because trust me, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

What I have learned...

1. My customers are AMAZING.  

I seriously believe with all of my heart that I have the best customers.  I get notes, calls, posts, referrals, social media messages and great feedback.  BUT more than that, I have made some really great new friends, I have been welcomed into their homes, they have shared moments WITH ME.  The love I receive from my customers is a truly significant force in my life.

*Sweet Orange Chili Pepper, Ginger Lime, Sweet Grass

2. My Family is the Backbone 

This is a FAMILY business no matter who is the one calling the shots. Late nights, long weekends, early mornings; I could never do it without their love and support. I HAVE TO make sure that they are a part of all of it.  Give the little ones ownership in the success and in the process. Teach them to be confident in their own ideas and creations and make sure that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. 

*You can find this print at CustomVinylbyBridge

3. My Friends Are Incredibly Talented and Generous

When I thought about setting out on this adventure, I worried about how I would do it ALL, even with the support of my family.  As I began sharing my intentions with my close friends, I began to experience how completely incredible they are and how much they actually loved ME too!  From photography to graphic design, moral support to actually spending 13 hour days at fairs with me and everything in between; the bonds that I have with my friends have been strengthened and tested and blossomed through this business.  I LOVE THEM DEARLY!

4. Networking is Key to Survival 

I have already expressed my personal feelings on finding the right support systems and putting yourself out there in a previous blog.  I can't express enough how important this is. You can view it here:

Women Empowering Women, Find a Group and Support The Heck Out Of Each Other


I am still amazed about what I have been able to personally accomplish although I know that the road ahead of me is still long and exciting.  If I can get myself to do this, with the same determination, anyone can.  I mean this introverted/extrovert has:

  • Held Home Parties in the homes of friends, relatives and COMPLETE STRANGERS.  Putting my product and heart out there and asking them to love it/me.  AND I DIDN"T DIE!  Best of all, I met the most wonderful people that I never would have had the chance to otherwise.  
  • Presented at numerous trade shows, fairs and events and again, I'm still breathing.  I live another day to tell about it like I did in this post: What Goes Into an Art Fair and What Comes Out.
  • Been invited to be part of 4 local Bloomingdale's wedding and promotional events!  WHAT?!  The next one is coming up in September 2014, stay tuned for details.
  • Been published in a few blogs and newspapers.
  • Been a part of weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, engagements and more.
  • Shared myself with all of you in my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I am having a most amazing birthday WEEK!  I have set up all kinds of gifts and offers for all of my Sparkleflies, please join me on social media for daily deals but this one will be going on all week in addition to the ones being posted.

Are you celebrating something this week, do you have a dream you want to get started, please share in the comments.  <3