Spooky Sparklefly Spectacular Halloween Decorating

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

Fall is the best time of year because there are so many opportunities to celebrate, have fun and be a little silly.  Family, I believe, is the cornerstone of the season.  Whether it be the family you were born with or the family you create.  Although I am not a HUGE Halloween decorator during the Fall, I DO make sure to put out a few pieces because I know how fun the holiday is for my children and I am a sucker for them.  I figure, hey, if they allow me to dress them up in cute little costumes until they are old enough to protest, then I can give them a little bit of a spooky corner of our home, not TOO spooky though.

If you've been following me, then you know I just LOVE to re-purpose and recycle.  

I had this adorable cookie jar that had the cutest ghosts popping out of the top for a lid. Well, as fate wold have it, that lid broke in the box during packing away for next season. Now, instead of a cookie jar, it is a spoooookie candle holder.  I used a Sangria Punch Tall Tumbler Candle but you can also place a tall tumbler of Sparkle Stones in it as well. I then wrapped a glittery black leaf garland around my lamp and a Twigs & Berries Tall Tumbler Candle. Simple, fast and fragrant.  

It's no fun unless the kids get involved. 

I probably visit the local craft store at least a few times a month. It's like a crafter's heaven and it's someplace where the kids and I can both feel like we are getting some brand new toys and get our creative juices flowing. For this Halloween family project, we made these friendly little spiders (OK, probably the only time you will ever hear or see me refer to a spider as friendly. Well, this time and when speaking of Charlotte's Web).  We hung one from the ceiling using Invisible Thread and placed the other one on our candle centerpiece. For the centerpiece, I placed a Pumpkin Spice Tall Tumbler Candle in the center of a square platter and then placed the Sparkle Stones from a Cranberry Spice Tall Tumbler of Sparkle Stones around it. We then cut some of the purple bats off of the fun garland in the background and placed them on the dish. Place a glittery pumpkin next to it and you got yourself a Sparkly Sparklefly creation.  

I would LOVE to see what you have come up with. Make sure to share a link to your Pinterest Page or click over to my Sparklefly Candle Company Facebook Page and post your Halloween Pics.