Sparklefly Customer Spotlight on Lisa Rini of Our Best Wishes

by Anne Marie Esposito, President, Sparklefly Candle Company

This blog feature focuses on the amazing women I have been blessed to have come to know through having a small candle business. Through this customer spotlight series, I want to share who they are, what they face day to day, how they celebrate the little things.

This week, I introduce you to Lisa Rini, owner of Our Best Wishes in Merrick, NY. Lisa is such a wonderful woman to work with and we are so honored to be on the shelves of her boutique. She not only stocks the most thoughtful gifts for every occasion but she is dedicated to making that shopping experience and gift giving one of a kind. Here's her story.

  • I'm married for 29 years to my high school sweetheart! We have 2 daughters, Stephanie, 24 & Jaclyn 23. Not to forget our favorite....our Yorkie, Bella!! I came to OBW (Our Best Wishes) almost 7 years ago. Took a position that was "fun & flexible". Perfect for me, sometimes a few hours, some days a lot of hours! I loved that because it gave me the chance to still be available for my daughters and their schedules & sporting activities that I wanted to still be part of. I worked as the manager & when the owner, Gwen, told me she bought a home in Florida & would be moving, I said, "Hey, but I love working here!!" So we became partners. She started OBW in 2000, in a small space in Merrick, LI. As she grew as just a small gift store, so did her space. She moved several times. We've been in our location for 7 years now. Our best location yet! In the middle of a town main street, we are one of the only gift stores that cater to everyone possible, in the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on our custom gift wrapping. Whether you purchase a $10 gift or an $80 gift, the wrapping is extraordinary. Many customers compliment to us.... "You can make a roll of toilet paper look good!" or "This is so pretty, they won't even want to open it!". We have a wonderful customer base, we enjoy what we do & we hope that that is evident the second you walk through the doors of "The Home of the Perfectly Wrapped Gift"!

  • A typical day would be anything from seeing vendors to check out new products, to wrapping party favors. We do that too!! Or re-stocking & reorganizing the store for the upcoming holiday. Currently, we are in the process of giving it a facelift!

  • When a product doesn't show up on time, or they are out of stock. And at the same time, maybe we have a customer who requires extra guidance. And at the same time, we ran out of a particular packaging item that we thought we had. Usually all these things happen at once!! Thankfully, I have a wonderful staff & wonderful team of Sales Reps, that help me through. I also remember what my partner said to me once, "There's no such thing as a gift emergency!" I also remember something my mother told me...."Where there's a will, there's a way!"

  • One of my favorite sayings! I was taught that by my mom & I've passed that mantra to my family as well. To me it means, date night!, Cheers to Friday!, or making dinner at home on Chinese New Year, with take out & Chinese music & dishes. The same with Cinco de Mayo, a fiesta at home!! Or when your family is in a million directions, & that one night everyone is dinner!

  • Exercise! Also, taking my scheduled day off. Maybe check out other gift stores for inspiration. Or spend it with one or both of my girls if they are around.

  • 1. Time with my family...all of them! 2. Entertaining 3. Seeing my husband & daughters happy

  • This is a toughy! Love the line, for one reason or another. I feel each saying is appropriate or hits home at any given time. But my favorite is Celebrate the Little Things...Lavender Vanilla Patchouli. Also, love the option of the Sparkle Stones. I find that there are many customers who are afraid to give a candle. This is a fabulous option.

  • We are currently launching a brand new Camp Headquarters section in our store! That's very exciting for us!! Also, this past July we started our Perfect Package Program, PPP. After 6 purchases, we take the total of those purchases & give the customer a gift certificate for 10% of that total to use at a later date. It encourages the customer to think of us first when they are looking for a gift. We are also offering Ladies Night Shopping Parties! Similar to a home party, but its at the store. The hostess invites as many friends as she likes, 5-8pm, mon-thurs. & they shop!! Hostess will receive $25 gift certificate to shop & 10% of the nights sales in store credit so she can shop! We supply the, cheese, fruit!