Sparklefly Candle Customer Spotlight on Jennifer M

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

This blog feature focuses on the amazing women I have been blessed to have come to know through having a small business. Through this customer spotlight series, I want to share who they are, what they face day to day, what brings them back to focus and what makes them Sparkle.

This week, I introduce you to Jennifer M from Broken Arrow, OK. I met Jennifer at a Sparklefly Facebook Party and I was lucky enough to spend a fun time with her and her amazing friends and family when she hosted her very own party. Jennifer is such an upbeat and inspirational woman who, like many of us, has a long list of to-dos each day. She tells us about how she gets it all done with faith and family.

Anne: Tell me a little about yourself.

Jennifer: My name is Jennifer McGill. I am married to a Broken Arrow Fireman and we have two beautiful children. Fun Fact: we had our son on my husbands 30th birthday.

Anne: What does a typical day look like for you?

Jennifer: Everyday in my life is pure chaos, orchestrated chaos, but I love it. I get up and grab a red bull (yes its imperative that I don't miss this step), I wake up the kids and start getting them ready for their day then I get ready and do kid drop offs and head to work. I am a mortgage loan officer and processor. I spend my day piecing peoples lives together in a way that makes them acceptable for a home loan- you know, credit history, assets and making sure they can pay the debt. I then head home and have dinner with my family. It's important for us to sit down to dinner together, no matter what, and we pray over the meal and for each other. We play together and do homework and chores in the evening and then my hubby and I make popcorn and watch "our stories" after the kids sleep. That's almost everyday of my life and I love it!

Anne: What situations can make you feel overwhelmed? How do you find your Sparkle?

Jennifer:I feel overwhelmed in large crowds of people and in confrontational situations. In my job I have more than your average share of confrontations because I deal with the government A LOT. When I start to feel stressed or overwhelmed I grab a cup of coffee, turn on my praise and worship station and take a breather. For me, it helps to remember that the outcome has already been determined and I should just be still and know that He is God and I cant control it.

Anne: What makes you Sparkle?

Jennifer: My sparkle comes from my family really. I can't imagine a more perfectly exhausting and beautiful thing than to be a wife and mother. Family is my focus and my life. My shine comes from within them.

Anne: What is your favorite self care ritual?

Jennifer: I make my own face moisturizer out of essential oils, it smells like roses with a hint of orange, every morning and every night I rub it on my face and the scent is just happy. It's my favorite!

Anne: What would you consider your favorite gifts that you are thankful for?

Jennifer: I am most Thankful for: 1. Husband who goes above and beyond for our family and others- the heart of a servant. 2. My kids- who drive me insane, DAILY, but also remind me to make light of things and enjoy life. Be All There is my motto. 3. For coffee- its a gift to everyone. Like Manna from Heaven, God gave us this glorious gift and I for one am so blessed as a result :)

Anne: What is your favorite Sparklefly scent? Why?

Jennifer: Lemon Pound Cake is the most amazing scent in the world, you wouldn't believe how often people try to eat those Sparkle Stones. Anne Marie creates the most amazing scents for all of the stones, but if I could, I would get a second mortgage for her to send me a monthly subscription of these Sparkle Stones, so I never run out. Lemon pound Cake is light but sweet and just so amazing! I can smell them from a couple rooms away and they make me soooo happy!

Say hello to Jennifer in the comments and share with us how you find your Sparkle.