Sparklefly Candle Company Spotlight on Wonderland Organics

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

In my ongoing quest to bring inspiration to your day; Sparklefly Candle Company has reached out to some other amazing entrepreneurs to share their stories and products.  As always, I encourage you to explore these small business owners with me and remember to shop small this holiday season and all year round.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

This week I deliver to you, Alice Lin, Founder and President of Wonderland Organics.  I was having a particularly bad week last week and this amazing lady reached out to me immediately to offer support.  Her enthusiasm and positivity has been "wonderful"!

Wonderland Organics provides a skincare line for those who have sensitive skin. They have looked all over for the best, organic and fair-trade ingredients when possible. Alice has a commitment to the environment which is also seen in her packaging: she uses recyclable violet glass bottles, which also protect their products from sunlight and oxidation.  Read on to find out more.

Q: Tell me about Wonderland Organics and how you got started?

A: Wonderland Organics actually stemmed from my desire to find skincare that would be perfect for my sensitive skin. When I was working in Taiwan, my skin became terrible due to adjustments in a different climate. So after work (I was in marketing), I would browse brands in department stores and drugstores to see which ingredients would work better. After a year, I had acclimated with these ingredients, especially after talking to skincare salesgirls, and learning about the different types of products. After this, I fell in love with the industry, and it’s been a terrific learning experience. Many of my friends and family were intrigued by this research, and asked my opinion about brands and products. I then became determined to do more market research and see about starting my own company. I took skincare classes immediately upon moving back to California, and got the ball rolling there!

Q: What is your favorite aspect about being a small business owner?

A: The best part is definitely wearing all of the different hats: formulating products, researching and development, marketing, social media, and implementing requirements for businesses. It feels like being a product/project manager, as I constantly work with many people to have the brand up and running. I was lucky to find an amazing graphic designer, who designed my logo, labels, website, and all marketing materials. I also love networking and supporting fellow entrepreneurs, as well as my trade organization, Indie Business Network.

Q: What are some of your best selling products?

A: Currently, Wonderland Organics has three products: facial oil serums that are formulated for oil-prone/combination skin, and dry/mature/normal skin. The Balance Serum (citrus scent) is a best seller for the younger set, who struggle with unpredictable skin. The Sublime Serum (rose scent) is a favorite among customers who love how light the oil is, while the Soothe Serum (lavender scent) is favored for nighttime use. Personally, I use the Balance Serum every day! I use a cleanser, spray on the Wonderland Organics rose hydrosol, then apply the Balance Serum over my face and neck.

Q: What should a customer expect when purchasing one of your products?

A: To enjoy the beautiful oil serums! It took years of market research, skincare classes, and formulating the perfect combination that the three serums are today. Wonderland Organics’ philosophy is to provide the cleanest skincare line for those who have sensitive skin. We looked all over for the best, organic and fair-trade ingredients when possible. Our commitment to the environment continues to the packaging: we use recyclable violet glass bottles, which also protect our products from sunlight and oxidation. The 15 ml bottles come with a pump and protective cosmetic cap, so it’s easy to use.

Q: Who or what has been the biggest inspiration for you?

A: I find inspiration from my family, as they’re my biggest support network. When I first started formulating, my family and I were the first testers, before my friends and customers tried the facial oils. Going the entrepreneurial route, it’s quite a difference from traditional jobs such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers. By supporting my dreams, my family has given me the hope and determination that my company will be able to succeed.

I also love bouncing ideas off of fellow entrepreneurs, because we have a different mindset from people in 9-5 jobs. The entrepreneur and Indie community has been amazing, and I’m grateful to have found such supportive people. Case in point, the giveaway that I did in conjunction with Anne Marie of Sparklefly Candle Company!

Q: What types of information can I find on the Wonderland Organics' blog?

A: When I started my blog, I knew that it wasn’t enough to just promote the products (as wonderful as they may be). I love educating customers about skincare, as it’s been my greatest passion for the last few years. I also share healthy DIY recipes, tips on exercising, and overall healthy living. But perhaps my favorite part is Interview Friday: I interview someone I find inspirational, such as an entrepreneur, or someone that is working hard to make change in the world.

You can find out more about Wonderland Organics at

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