Sparklefly Candle Company Spotlight on simply birgit

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

In my ongoing quest to bring inspiration to your day; Sparklefly Candle Company has reached out to some other amazing entrepreneurs to share their stories and products. As always, I encourage you to explore these small business owners with me and remember to shop small this holiday season and all year round.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

This week I deliver to you, Birgit Biehl of simply birgit Birgit is the nature girl that I wish I could be. I love following her on her hikes and adventures through her social media. Fit and adventurous and simply a wonderful woman to know. She makes the most luxurious products that are environmentally conscious as well as based on a healthy lifestyle. She says it best in her story. Check it out!

Q: Tell me about simply birgit and how you got started?
Our core mission at simply birgit is simple: "hand-crafted, certified gluten-free bath and body products created with local ingredients and a global heart"
simply birgit got its start about 6 years ago. As a personal trainer; I know how important good food is for our bodies and we should expect the same from our body care. Unable to find what I wanted to put on my body I set out to create my own.
simply birgit is not only good and luxurious for our bodies, but also conscious of our environment and the world around us. simply birgit has been created with the idea of paying it forward. We use fairly traded ingredients to support families around the world. Packaging is sourced & manufactured in the United States as are the 100% post consumer labels to American workers. The raw honey used in our products is sourced locally to support bee hive management. All of our soaps are palm kernel oil free to support orangutan and other endangered habitats.

Q: What is your favorite aspect about being a small business owner?

Creating the life that I want to live. I love to work hard and I enjoy taking time off to hike or trail run across the country. Another aspect is that through my business I am able to affect the world around me. It's more than just a clean product in a bottle - it's the hopes and dreams of families and producers here and around the world.

Q: What should a customer expect from Simply Birgit when making a purchase?
Fun, flirty, clean, certified gluten free bath and body products. Products that share in our customers hope for a better world. Every purchase supports that vision. We also pride ourselves in our excellent customer service.

Q: What are some of your best selling products?
Anything from the Lavender Lemongrass Line, may that be the soap or lotion. Our Pit Cream is a customer favorite and the best deodorant currently on the market. And last but not least our Face Care Line. The Raw Honey and Vitamin C is a bestseller 4 years in the making as are the French Clay Detox Facial Cleansing Bar and the Seaweed Facial Cleansing Bar.

Q: Who or what has been the biggest inspiration for you?
Playing in nature. As a personal trainer I feel there's truly nothing better. Nature is incredible! And so are the things that come from it, like raw honey, coconut oil and wildcrafted seaweed from the rugged coastline of Maine. I love it all just like I love the great outdoors. It fuels the body and feeds the soul.

Q:Do you have any special events or offers coming up?
I'd love to offer your readers a special discount. From now until January 17th every reader receives 15% off their purchase. Simply enter coupon code NATURE at checkout.