Sparklefly Candle Company Spotlight on in2ItionSKIN

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

In my ongoing quest to bring inspiration to your day; Sparklefly Candle Company has reached out to some other amazing entrepreneurs to share their stories and products. As always, I encourage you to explore these small business owners with me and remember to shop small this holiday season and all year round.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

This week I deliver to you, Jennifer Wojcieski of in2itionSKIN Jennifer just opened a beautiful new store in Oakdale that carries up-cycled, recycled or re-purposed products. Her journey from Architect to Bodybuilder to Natural Skincare Entrepreneur is as inspiring as her products are. I just adore Jenn and consider her one of my Indie Sisters! Check out her story!

Q: Tell me about in2itionSKIN and how you got started?
in2ition associates was born in 2008 when I was feeling stifled in my career as a Registered Architect. Creativity tends to be only 10% of the business with administrative, legal, marketing, etc. making up the other 90%. With my passion for sustainability, I added LEED Green Associate to my credentials and started on the path to find my purpose. Architects have a moral and ethical obligation for the health and safety of life as well as to be stewards of the earth. Reiterating this in my head, I went blazing out on a path, still keeping my day job, of course.

I knew deep down that I needed to be hands on with something, so I began to upcycle product samples from manufacturers. I would create coasters, trivets, jewelry and other useful goods out of flooring samples, wallpaper, wood trims, metals, etc. I opened an Etsy shop called A MATTER Continuum for these items.

At the same time, I was competing in natural bodybuilding, so my desire for my own health grew stronger. In the first year of business, I needed to be tested for breast cancer. When the results came back "inconclusive" I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. Tons of research later, I modified my diet and reduced the potential masses by half. But it didn't stop there. Realizing that our skin is the largest organ, I delved into aromatherapy and natural skincare. in2itionSKIN was born when I created my first lip balm that actually works!

Q: What is your favorite aspect about being a small business owner?

There are two great things about being a small business owner. One is direct dealings with the client or customer. The other is making the rules yourself.

Q: What should a customer expect from In2itionSKIN when making a purchase?
Products handmade with the best quality ingredients under good manufacturing practice. In every aspect of in2ition associates, there is honesty and integrity behind all the products. Each day I think of how I would want my experience to be and strive to make that experience even better for the client or customer.

Q: What are some of your best selling products?
Depending on the time of year, I have seen the lip balms, lotions, scrubs and kid's soaps sell the most.

Q: Who or what has been the biggest inspiration for you?
This may be the oddest answer for this question, but I have to say our Earth. If one looks, there is inspiration in everything that surrounds us naturally, that we did not create. It's mystical, really.

Q: Do you have any special events or offers coming up?
My husband and I just opened a mercantile shop prior to Thanksgiving this year, which has been quite a challenge but extremely exciting! This month, we have special events every weekend, featuring local artisans and businesses as guests. in2itionSKIN gift boxes are 25% off and we have these great travel bags which include soap, scrub and lotion in travel sizes for the holidays!
The shop includes not only in2itionSKIN and A MATTER Continuum products, but also organic clothing, up-cycled accessories, soy candles, handmade home goods and herbs by the ounce. It is truly a boutique atmosphere with special attention to the customer. Hope we see you soon!