I'm a Lucky Girl, Indeed. My Thank You to Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting.

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

If you think you can make it out there all on your own, I am here to tell you, you are wrong. Whether it's business or personal, people need people and when you open yourself up to the right people, you change your life, for the good.

That's Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting and yes, indeed, she is a FIRE-STARTER. She knows how to light that spark in others in ways that I have not witnessed in anyone else. This woman has a knack for telling you like it is, sprinkled with some southern sugar and a swift slap on the back to get going and get after it. Lela does not work on the surface of things, SHE DIGS DEEP, I mean, to the core. She has walked the walk; developing her own handmade empire out of sweat, tears and glory. This spitfire does not hold back. She will give you everything she has. She will cheer you on, pull you up, shake you around if needed and bless you on your way. This is the kind of girl you want in your corner. 

This is what it's like to be in her "presence". I received this package from Lela just exactly when I needed it. An encouraging, personal reminder, always accompanied by a lot of fun and forever thoughtful. Seriously, only a wickedly fun lady with a great sense of humor would send her student a pin cushion voodoo doll. 

Lela, has helped countless women (and men) to delve into their business and learn how to find their voice, how to define their vision and how to put the pieces together. It's really what she provides beyond that which truly makes her a special person to know. It's the community she has built around her classrooms, a family of business owners that support each other not only professionally but through life's personal challenges, celebrations and growth. She taught us to trust, to be open, to share, to help, to inspire each other. We don't have to do this alone and, in fact, we shouldn't. Lela Barker, I am so grateful. I hope this brings some of the love you have given us back into your heart today. 

Lela has helped me recognize and focus on the important aspects of my business. In doing so, I've become more exited about the future of Everything Little Miss + more confident in myself as a small business owner. To top it all off, I'm now immersed in the most amazing community of makers. Lela and this group hold me accountable and cheer me on when I need cheering and I don't feel so alone anymore. My mentality has changed in the past year because of LBU; a weight has been lifted and now I'm able to do more and do it better. April May - Everything Little Miss

I had the privilege of taking Lela's LBU course. She taught me so many foundational principles about solopreneurship. I had the added privilege of getting to know Lela and what a kind and caring individual she is. She takes her courses very seriously. She is passionate about and dedicated to seeing her students succeed as indie makers. She creates a positive and supportive environment for her students and builds a real community that reaches beyond her course. Lisa Buteux - Comfort & Joy Soaps

Sometimes it's right in front of you, that thing you can't see because you're in the midst of it, that tells your story best. Lela has been that beacon of light to me in sharing Emma's Friends -- our heart, our purpose and our goods. She has this incredible ability to see directly and clearly the things that I have not been able to see in my own business, and like a laser through the fog, she cuts directly to the heart of the matter and brings that focus to me. What a gift. She's helping us at Emma's Friends extrapolate those things deep in our heart to share the love and celebration we have for our Friends in a way that is authentic and true. Lynn Elko - Emma's Friends

Lela has really opened my eyes in so many ways to what it means to be an entrepreneur, and that with enough dedication, heart, and guts, I can turn my stationery business into whatever I want it to be. She has given me the tools and knowledge to turn my “wouldn’t that be nice” into “here’s what we’re going to make happen”, and along the way has provided honest feedback, virtual high fives for every success, and virtual hugs when things don’t go quite as planned – all while reminding me that every single step, positive and negative, is a part of running a successful business. Without her energy behind us, I’m not sure we’d have the confidence, energy, or wherewithal to go after what we really, really want. Melissa Wert - Print Therapy

Lela Barker has a way of immediately making you sit up straight and pay attention. She digs deep, shares all of her successes and failures as a small business owner and it changed the way I make decisions in my business. Rachel Najera - Rachel's Plan Bee

I've taken a total of 4 online courses with her. I drove 6 hours to attend a live class with her as well. I'm in the monthly alumni coaching group and I've had countless strategy sessions with her. I think I can officially say I am a Lela Barker addict. But it's the healthiest addiction I could ever have. Why? Because I truly believe that my business has grown by leaps and bounds because her guidance has continually steered me along the right path. And best of all...I've become a more confident, smarter, more joyful version of myself within my business. That's not to say that Lela has done it for me. I've certainly had to put in my part of the work! But Lela has been the best teacher, mentor, coach, and cheerleader that I could have asked for along the journey. Sometimes you just meet someone who you know will change everything. For me, Lela has been that person. And I'll forever be grateful for it. Stacia Guzzo - Handcrafted Honeybee