Get Ready to be WOWed This Spring from Sparklefly and Friends

by Anne Marie Esposito, President and Founder, Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.

Last year, I wrote a piece about women empowering women and in that piece I discussed the close relationship I had formed with fellow local businesswoman. What I felt was so empowering about us is the fact that we did not see each other as the competition but as the path to further growth, success, wisdom and peace of mind. As we continued to meet regularly and share more ideas, we decided to not only share our strengths, stories and experiences with each other but to find a way to share them with all of YOU too! And an exciting new venture was born!!

For the past few months, we have been brainstorming on a new offering that will WOW our customers and hopefully their friends and family too!

We FINALLY have nailed it down. WOOHOO! 

We had to make sure that every time you received it, it was something you were Wishing for, had to Own and would make you Want more. Hence the birth of the WOW box. An AHHHmazing offering of the BEST we all have to give you in perfectly curated monthly themes, delivered directly to your home, at no shipping cost to you, all wrapped up like it's your birthday EVERY SINGLE MONTH. 

This is JUST the prototype from our last meeting, a sneak peek, a little tease if you will. I PROMISE YOU, you will be getting a little piece of pampering heaven from 6 of the best in local, handmade bath, beauty and home fragrance in every box. The box will come with each piece individually wrapped; this way you can choose to pamper yourself or spread the yumminess around. 

WE WANT YOU TO FEEL SPECIAL. Every box will sample different products from each of us that are seasonally appropriate and our top sellers. The best part is you will receive well over $50 worth of products each month for $34.95 and FREE SHIPPING. Let's meet the ladies and what they offer ....

Anne Marie Esposito of Sparklefly Candle Company - Offering the most deliciously scented home fragrance items that look as beautiful as they smell. Products will range from a wide selection of shimmering, flame-less Sparkle Stones and Scented Candles

Roberta Perry and Michelle Tucker of Scrubz - Offering the most addictive body, hand, lips, feet and face scrubs and oils.

Christine Laureano of Ba6 Botanicals - Offering the most pampering line of nutrition for your skin from lotions to peels and creams to masks

Angela Carillo of Alegna Soap - Offering the most soothing selection of all natural soaps, scrubs and balms. 

Roslyne Yates-Johnson of MayaIndia - Offering the most decadent selection of gourmet body treats created for women, men and children.

Jennifer Wojcieski of in2ition associates, inc. - Offering the most earth and body friendly selection of recycled home items, bath, body and wellness products.

The launch is set for Spring 2015!! The first 50 subscribers will get the box at the introductory price of $34.99. If you would like to sign up to be notified on updates and launch, please fill out the form here.